ASSA is established on July 2008 and headquarter is located in Hong Kong.
Since the ASSA Established, we have been working tremendously hard to introduce Chinese aviation industries to pilots all over the world.

With our dedication and effort; we gained trust and confidence from the airlines and pilots.
We are growing fast and now serve more than 17 different airlines and over 250+ members.
All of our members are from KAL, Asiana, JAL and etc., who possess the quality and responsibility as a pilot.

We know finding the right personnel for your airline is very important. So with our network in Asia region, we work closely with you to identify professional, reliable and committed candidates who will meet your requirements.

ASSA’s main purpose is to help pilots and their families to achieve happiness based on trust and sincerity in business and to support safe flight of airline companies by recruiting excellent pilots.

ASSA is constantly working to improve and refine that service and support, and achieve its goal of becoming the world leader in the aviation agency market.