B737NG TYPE CAPTAINS with CHINA UNITED AIRLINES (CUA, China Eastern Airlines Group’s Beijing Base Airlines)

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China United Airlines (CUA) is an affiliated company of China Eastern Airlines headquartered in Beijing. It starts business since October 2005 and it owns over 40 B737NG airplanes. China United Airlines plans to increase the number of fleet to 80 until the year 2020. China United views ‘affordable, convenient, comfortable’ as the brand positioning, and trying to build a team of pilots, engineers, cabin crews, operating and controlling staffs, who are responsible, skilful, experienced and progressive.



Minimum Qualifications

– 3,500+ hours total flight time

– 500+ hours PIC on type

– Under 55 years (inclusive)

– ICAO level 4

– Medical Class 1

– Have flown within 12 months

– No history of incidents or accidents

– No criminal record

– Currently holds a valid ATPL license and type rating




Terms & Conditions


-Current ~ 2019  : Main airport – Shijiazhuang airport
-2019 ~ later on : Main airport – Beijing Second airport
(Beijing’s new international airport will start test operation in October, 2019)
Second airport-Shijiazhuang airport
Contract Terms: Starting 3 years, renew period 2 years


Working Condition


6 weeks on,
2 weeks off or
3 weeks on,
1 weeks off
6 weeks on,
3 weeks off or
4 weeks on,
2 weeks off
Yearly Total Salary*USD 288,000

USD 245,900USD 211,800
Monthly Salary USD 19,100USD 16,100USD 13,400
Integrated Allowance
USD 2,400USD 2,000USD 1,900
Safety Bonus
USD 15,000USD 13,700USD 13,200
Education Allowance

USD 1,000
Application needed (per family)

Ticket Benefit

15,000 USD/year (tickets and proof needed)
* International tickets can only be used from home residence to Operating base, vice versa. Domestic tickets can only be used for purchasing China Eastern Airlines and its branch or subsidiary company ticket.

(annual payment)
USD 350/hour
> 760 BLK yr.
USD 335/hour
> 660 BLK yr
USD 325/hour
> 570 BLK yr
Contract Renewal BonusUSD 30,000
USD 30,000USD 30,000
Annual Leave36 daysN/AN/A
Sick Leave10 days8 days8 days

Employee group accident insurance

* Yearly Total Salary: Monthly Salary + Integrated Allowance + Safety Bonus

** Amount is net amount after Tax. The company only charge for domestic tax, not charge for overseas tax.


Monthly Salary during training period:

6 weeks on,
2 weeks off or
3 weeks on,
1 weeks off
6 weeks on,
3 weeks off or
4 weeks on,
2 weeks off
Initial Training Phase
(Ground School/SIM)
USD 12,200

USD 10,400
USD 8,500
Line Training PeriodUSD 15,300USD 13,000USD 10,700



Initial Required Documents

Please send us the following documents list as below (Scan copy for 1~4):

  1. Valid ATPL (showing type rating) with ICAO English Level +4
  2. Valid Medical Class 1
  3. Recent 3 pages of Flight records or Logbook
  4. Passport (Photo page)
  5. Application form of CUA
  6. ASSA Letter of Intent

* Below will be required to provide later

1 . Employment Certificate

  1. Flight Hours Certificate
  2. Training and Check records for the last 24 months (including recurrent check, proficiency check, logbook and so on)
  3. No accident/incident report (from previous/current employer)
  4. No criminal record – issued by your local police authority


Initial Screening

Initial Screenings will include:
1. Aviation theory exam (Chinese ATPL)
2. Medical Check
3. Company simulator assessment

**The study materials will be provided after receiving all application documents.




Forward your completed application form to assaeugene18@gmail.com

If you have any query, please contact Eugene at +82-70-7568-7688.

■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change.

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.