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Xiamen Air is the first airline operated in the course of modern enterprise in China. As the only Chinese airline featuring an all-Boeing fleet, Xiamen Air fleet consists of the following aircraft(as of Sept, 2018): 147 of B737NG, 8 of B737 MAX, 4 of B757, and 12 of B787, the total 171 aircraft. Xiamen Air operates more than 230 domestic routes, and almost 60 international and regional routes(including Europe, USA, Australia etc.).




Minimum Qualifications


– Minimum 5,000 hours of total flight time
– Minimum 500 hours of PIC time
– Minimum 2,000 hours of Multi-crew, Multi-engine jet time
– Aircraft type: B737 EFIS and NG
* Non-type captains are acceptable only if the last B737 flight is within 12 months.
– Current within 12 months (must have a valid/current PC)
– Age maximum 55
– Valid ATPL License
– Valid Medical certificate Class 1
– ICAO English level 4 or above
– Valid proficiency training and proficiency check
– No history of incidents or accidents
– No criminal records
– Must be a citizen of a country with diplomatic relations with PRC and being ICAO member


Terms & Conditions


 Base: Xiamen, China or Commuter

Contract Terms: 3 years, renewable


Working Condition

During Ground school: 70% of the Monthly salary

During Line training: 80% of the Monthly salary

Contract ModelOption 1
Option 2Option 3

A : 22days on, 8 days off

B : 44 days on, 16 days off
A : 19days on, 11 days off

B : 38 days on, 22 days off
Vacation per year42 daysA : 94 days
B : 96 days
A : 130 days
B : 132 days
Monthly Salary$22,750$21,105$17,400
Annual Income
Overtime Payment
USD 350/h
>70 hrs
USD 330/h
>67 hrs
USD 300/h
>60 hrs
Safety Bonus

USD 24,000USD 22,000USD 20,000
Housing Allowance

RMB 10,000 (≒ USD 1,500)

Ticket Allowance

USD 6,000


5 Free tickets & 5 ID75 tickets
Regional and International flights by Xiamen Air
for employee and their immediate family members.

Education Allowance

$8,000 per child (no more than two kids)


for employee and their immediate family members

Contract Renewal Bonus

$ 15,000 after each renewed contract year for the second contract
$ 20,000 after each renewed contract year for the third contract

Financial Performance Bonus

Additional bonus paid depending on the yearly financial performance of the Company and the personal performance of the Employee





* Layover allowance, Radio Operator Bonus, and CAT B Instructor Bonus is according to the company policy.


*Approximate Annual Income = Monthly Salary + Safety Bonus + Housing Allowance + Ticket Allowance

(Overtime Payment, Education Allowance, Insurance, Contract Renewal Bonus is not included for the above calculation)


Option 2 – A, each February is an exception (22 days on+6 days off)

Option 2 – B, day off for each single month cannot be more than 14 days.


Option 3 – A, each February is an exception (19 days on+9 days off)

Option 3 – B, day off for each single month cannot be more than 16 days.



Initial Required Documents


Please send us the following documents:

  1. E-Copy of Passport
  2. E-Copy of ATPL (valid license showing type rating) and ICAO English Certificate (Lv.4 or above)
  3. E-Copy of valid Medical Certificate (Class I)
  4. Application Form
  5. Latest Proficiency Check Record (for last 2 years)
  6. E-Copy of Recent Pages of Light Log book (3-4 pages)



Initial Screening


Candidate should go through the following process before employment:

  1. Company Simulator Assessment
  2. Interview
  3. Aviation Theory Exam (Chinese ATPL)
    The study materials will be provided after you submit all the required documents to us.
  4. Medical Check





Forward your completed application form to assajay16@gmail.com

If you have any questions, please contact +82 70 8222 7688 Ms. Jay.

■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change.

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.