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Air Chang’an is an airline operating Chinese domestic flights from its Xi’an Xianyang International Airport hub in Shaanxi. Initially an independent carrier, Air Chang’an merged with Hainan Airlines in 2000 and became a modern developing airline. It was renamed Chang’an Airlines. On 1 July 2002, the first Boeing 737-400 of Chang’an Airlines was put into operation. It operates scheduled domestic service to Guilin, Guiyang, Haikou, Hohhot, Xian, Xining, Zhuhai in China.



Minimum Qualifications


– 3,000+ hours total flight time
– 500+ hours PIC on type B737NG
– Under 55 years (inclusive)
– ICAO level 4
– Medical Class 1
– Have flown within 6 months, last flight on applied type within 12months
– No history of incidents or accidents
– No criminal record
– Currently holds a valid ATPL license and type rating



Terms & Conditions

Base:  Xian
Contract Terms:  4 years


Working Condition


ItemsOption 1 :
100% Resident
Option 2 :
8 days off/month
Option 3 :
11 days off/ month

Option 4 :
4 weeks on /
4 weeks off
Approx. Annual IncomeUSD 303,000+a

USD 273,000+a
USD 255,000+a

USD 159,400+a
*Basic Monthly Salary USD 16,200USD 16,700USD 15,200USD 9,700
*Type Rating Allowance B737 USD2,000B737 USD1,000B737 USD1,000B737 USD1,000
*Base Allowance


Housing Allowance
USD 2,000USD1,000USD1,000N/A
Ticketing Allowance

USD 1,000

USD 1,000

USD 500

Safety & Performance Bonus
(paid semi-annual)
USD 2,000
/ month
USD 1,500
/ month
USD 1,500
/ month
USD 1,000
/ month
OvertimeUSD 300/hour
> 960 BLK yr.
USD 250/hour
> 780 BLK yr.
USD 250/hour
> 720 BLK yr.
USD 160/hour
> 500 BLK yr.
Annual Vacation30 days per year by choice30 days per year by choice20 days per year by choiceN/A
Sick Leave

7 days

Loyalty Bonus

USD 20,000 + add. incentives + 2 add. Free ID tickets

USD 12,000
+ add.incentives
+ 2 add. Free ID tickets
Education Benefits

USD1,000 per month (per family unit)

Instructor Allowance

Line (A) USD500 / SIM (B) USD1,000
Base Training (C) USD1,500 + SIM hours Allowance

Training Phase

60 % during Ground Training (based on * marked items’ total)
70% during Line Training

Loss-Of-License Insurance

According to “Airline LOL Insurance Policy”



Initial Required Documents

Please send us the following documents list as below:

  1. Valid ATPL (showing type rating) with ICAO English Level 4+
  2. Valid Medical Class 1
  3. Recent 3 pages of Flight records or Logbook
  4. Passport (Full-page with signature)
  5. Air Chang’an application form



Initial Screening

Screening is divided into 3 Phases with 1 or 2 visits by the candidate of not more than 14 days total (2x 7 day max):
o PHASE-1 (HR)

– Airline and Contract Presentation

– CBT (Computer Based Tests – psychometric & psychological including ATPL Exam)

– Medical Check



– Theoretical Training

– Company Simulator Check

– CAAC Simulator Check



– Professional Background Investigation

– Final Result Assessment


**The study materials will be provided after receiving all application documents.





Forward your completed application form to assamain@gmail.com

If you have any query, please contact +82-70-7568-7688

■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change.

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.


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