B737, B747, B757/767 TYPE & NON-TYPE CAPTAINS with SF EXPRESS (SF)

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SF Airlines is a perfect example of the phenomenal development of Chinese economy and enterprises. Established in 2009, this domestic delivery company has rapidly become a household brand in Asia Pacific region and built up a handsome fleet of over 40 cargo aircraft featuring B757, B767 and B737, two B747 aircraft have just been delivered.
SF Airlines is a member of S.F. Airlines (Group) Co., Ltd., operating a network covers all parts of China from its hub in Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, and has delivery service to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and Mongolia.
SF Airlines has enjoyed significant success and financial growth. We are now looking to recruit B737, B747, B757/767 captains, B757 training can be provided to B737 and B747 captains either by direct entry or after a while depend on the desire of individual pilot. No training fee or training bond.




Minimum Qualifications


1. Holding valid Airline Transport Pilot License and Class 1 medical certificate issued by a Civil Aviation Administration of the respective country that is recognized by ICAO and has established diplomatic relations with China.

2. Holding valid ATP license with one of the following current type-ratings: B737, B747 or B757/B767.

3. Candidates must have at least 1 year PIC experience and have logged at least 4000 total hours and 500 PIC hours.

Last flight on type within past 24 months.

4. Category 1 ILS experience

5. Computer literate

6. ICAO English level 4 or above

7. Age blow 55

8. No accidents or incidents reported (company clearance letter required before contract signing).

No criminal record (criminal record required before contract signing)



Terms & Conditions


1.Term:  This is a permanent contract but can be signed as 3-years or 5-years renewable   contract.

2.Base: Shenzhen

3.Block hours: Guaranteed 50 hours per month, pilots will be paid 50 hours if flew less due to flight schedule arranged by the Airline.

Average journey time is 3:45 hours



Working Condition


Roster OptionsResident Contract
:4 consecutive days off per month + 25 days annual leave
Commuting Contract
:4 weeks on 2 weeks off rotation, or at least 10 days off each month

Pilots normally have more off duty days than duty days within one month. Within 3-month cycle, pilots can have longer time off in one month and shorter time off in another to balance up.
Monthly Net Income minimum
Basic Fee + minimum guaranteed flight allowance + monthly allowances
(exchange rate 6.5)

Monthly Net Income
(annual bonus, annual completion bonus, annual insurance and ticket allowance added)
Monthly Basic Service Fee
(Gross ¥)
Standard Flight Allowance
based on hours flown each month
(Gross ¥)
0-40 hours: 1,600/hour
40-50 hours: 2,000/hour
Over 50 hours: 2,200/hour
0-40 hours: 1,600/hour
40-50 hours: 2,000/hour
Over 50 hours: 2,200/hour
Seniority Pay
Increased yearly based on the number of months worked previous year
(Gross ¥)
100 monthly increment
(increased year on year)
100 monthly increment
(increased year on year)
Per Diem
(Net ¥)
(monthly per diem normally is between 6500 to 9000)
(monthly per diem normally is between 6500 to 9000)
Safety Bonus
paid monthly based on hours flown
(Gross ¥)
200 /hour200 /hour
Annual Bonus
(Estimated Gross ¥)
Housing Allowance
(Net ¥)
Transport Allowance
(Net ¥)
Resident Allowance
(Net ¥)
Paid Sick Leave Days10/annum10/annum
Annual Tickets Reimbursement
(Net ¥)
(shared by pilot and family)
(pilot only)
Relocation Fee (to be reimbursed)
(Net ¥)
Up to 20,000 for extra luggageUp to 5,000 for extra luggage
Contract Completion Bonus
(Gross ¥)
250,000 in total paid after 5 years
250,000 in total paid after 5 years
Contract Renewal Bonus
(Gross ¥)
3 years renewal: 30,000/year
5 year renewal: 50,000/year
3 years renewal: 30,000/year
5 year renewal: 50,000/year


Quick Calculation of NET Monthly Earning in both RMB and USD:


Guaranteed block hours: monthly flight hours is normally less than 50. If pilots fly less due to flight training or holiday etc., as long as pilots complete flight duties arranged by the Airline, pilots will be paid for 50 hours flight allowance.

The flight allowance calculation is: 1600 x 50 =80,000

Based on 40-50 block hours, pilot’s starting net income are as follows:

(Contract renewal bonus not included in below calculation, starting income will increase every month as time goes on. If pilots fly more, every 10 more hours, there will be around US$1900 added as flight allowance)


Training Period

During initial training, pilots will receive full monthly basic service fee, 30% of flight hour pay until line training, 70% flight hour pay till line check out.


Instructor position & Management position

Flight instructor position available, basic monthly service fee will increase by ¥7,000/month (Gross)

Additional allowance and flying hour credit for captains on management position


Insurance: Life insurance provided by the Airline

Medical insurance and loss of license insurance can be reimbursed with invoices for up to ¥50,000/year (after tax)

Family medical insurance for resident roster only, premium costs of up to ¥10,000/pilot/year and ¥5,000/family member/year (before tax)


Initial Required Documents


Please send us the following documents:

1. Application Form

2. Valid ATPL

3. Valid ICAO English Certificate (Level 4 or above)

4. Valid Medical Certificate Class 1

5. Handwritten Logbook, Last 3 pages

6. Passport photo page



Initial Screening


Candidate should go through the following process before employment:


1. Aviation Theory Exam (Chinese ATPL)

 : The study materials will be provided after you submit all the required documents to us.

2. Medical Check

3. Company Simulator Assessment

4. Interview





Forward your completed application form to assacarol15@gmail.com

If you have any questions, please contact +82 2665 7688 Ms. Carol

■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.