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CDA is a domestic airline based in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China, established in 2010. It is now operating more than 50 domestic routes including Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In the upcoming five years, CDA will establish a domestic network as the foundation, explore international and regional routes to Hong Kong, Macao, East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia, and build the company into a comprehensive aviation brand which is famous at domestic and well known in Asia.

It is owned by COMAC (Commecial Aircraft Corporation of China), Sichuan Airline and Chengdu Group. CDA is now operating 34 Airbus 319-320 fleet , and 6 ARJ21 which is a new type of turbofan short/medium range regional jet that is designed and manufactured in China with our own independent intellectual property rights.  CDA has ordered 30 ARJ21 from COMAC.



Minimum Qualifications


– 5000+ hours total time on fixed wing aircrafts

– 1000+ PIC on A320

– Less than 54 years old

– ICAO level 4

– Medical Class 1

– No history of incidents or accidents

– No criminal record

-Valid type rating

-Current experience on type within 12 calendar months

-Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic relations with the PRC


Terms & Conditions


Base: Chengdu, China or Other city designated by CDA

Contract Terms: 3 years, renewable


Working Condition


ItemsOption A :
45days annual leave
Option B :
92 days annual leave
Option C :
120 days annual leave
Option D :
6 weeks On 4 weeks Off
Option E :
4 weeks On 4 weeks Off
* Expected Annual Salary
(*Including the contract completion Bonus)
US$ 306,000US$ 271,200US$ 246,000US$ 222,000US$ 192,000
Base Service FeeUS$ 22500US$ 19600US$ 17500US$ 15500US$ 13000
Housing Allowance

USD 1,000 / month

Transportation Allowance

USD 1,000 / month

Block hour

80 hours/Month

Overtime FeeUS$ 200/hrUS$ 190/hrUS$ 180/hrUS$ 170/hrUS$ 160/hr
Completion Bonus

US$ 36000

Renewal Bonus

US$ 50000

Safety Bonus


Signing Bonus for CAAC
Licence Holders

US$ 50000

Ticket Benefits

-Pilot & immediate Family: 10 free round flights per year on CDA
-Pilot : Unlimited jump seat on CDA

Loyalty Bonus

4th year: $250 monthly paid
5th year: $500 monthly paid
6th year: $750 monthly paid
7th year: $1000 monthly paid
8th year or After 8th year: $1250 monthly paid

Training Pay

US$ 300 per calendar day until checked to the line
(Housing & Transportation allowance will be paid during training.)





Initial Required Documents


Please send us the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • ATPL with ICAO English level
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Last 3 pages of logbook
  • Last proficiency check



Initial Screening


The Screening will include:

– Application Form Collection and CV check

– Company simulator assessment, Medical Check, Chinese ATPL exam – 1st visit to China

– CAAC Check simulator assessment – 2nd visit to China





Forward your completed application form to assacarol15@gmail.com

If you have any query, please contact +82-2-2665-7688 Ms. Carol


■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change.

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.