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As one of the top tourist destination in China, Guilin has stunning landscape, the breathtakingly beautiful hills, river and colorful rice terraces make Guilin one of the most picturesque region. Guilin is also home to a number of ethnic minority groups which adds more diversity and vibe to this city.

Air Guilin is part of the Hainan Airlines Group. Its A320 fleet is expected to reach 30 by end of 2020, at this moment 6 expat captains are already flying for Air Guilin.




Minimum Qualifications


1. Hold an Airline Transport Pilot License issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of the respective country that is recognized by ICAO and has established diplomatic relations with China.
2. The Crew Member must hold one of the following current type-ratings: A318, A319, A320, A321
3. Have logged at least 3000 total hours and 500 PIC hours on type. (Able to provide flight hours confirmation from previous employer)
4. Hold a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
5. ICAO English level 4 or above
6. Age below 55
7. No accidents or incidents reported (able to provide reference letter from previous employer or CAA before starting contract)
8. No criminal record (able to provide notarized and authenticated proof of criminal background check document)



Terms & Conditions


  1. Term: This is a permanent contract, but can be signed as 3-years renewable Contract allows exit point by giving 60-day notice.


  1. 2. Base: Guilin, Guangzhou

Guilin base: Free accommodation for 30 days in Guilin when starting contract

Guangzhou Base: Free accommodation in Guilin for 30 days and free accommodation   in Guangzhou for 30 days



Working Condition


Roster OptionsOption 1
: 6 weeks on 2 weeks off
Option 2
: 10 consecutive days off each month
Option 3
: 15 days on 15 days off
Annual vacation90 days120 days182 days
Annual Earning
Year 1 to 3 (US$)
304,000 - 316,500
+ overtime
262,000 - 274,000
+ overtime
211,900 – 223,900
+ overtime
Monthly service fee
Benchmark annual flight hour900800700
Overtime Payment
Meal and Transportation Allowance (CNY/Month)6,0006,0004,500
Travel Allowance (US$/Year)12,00012,00012,000
Allowance for choose no base
Paid Annual Sick Leave5 days5 days5 days
Leave Indemnification Fee (US$/day)850850850


* ‘No Base’ Allowance:      

US$500 allowance paid each month and free hotel accommodation provided if pilot choose ‘no base’, this means drew member won’t have fixed location for starting and ending flight duties.


* Voluntary Duty Days:

US$850/day paid if pilot choose to give up holiday, overtime paid separately.


  1. Transportation and Ground Training Period:

Up to 60 days transition period for processing required documents, during this period pilots will get 60% of full service fee payment; 80% service fee payment during line training before assigned as Airline Captain.

  1. Education Allowance: US$500/month for each child who are attending school in China, paid up to two children.


  1. Year-end Bonus: First Year: US$12,000

Second Year: US$18,000

Third Year: US$24,000

After contract renewal: US$24,000 each year


  1. Contract Renewal Bonus:

US$30,000, paid US$10,000/year for the next three years


  1. Medical Insurance:

Worldwide insurance for pilots and families (spouses, children) CNY16 million accumulative compensation, not including dental, physical examination and ophthalmological


  1. Insurances:

Loss of License Insurance: Provided


  1. Ticket and Hotel benefits:

Pilot and immediate family members can enjoy up to 30 standby domestic tickets at ¼ of full price within Air Guilin networks every year. Airport tax and fuel surcharge are payable.


Pilot can enjoy standby domestic tickets at ¼ of full price within Hainan Airlines and Air Guilin networks every year. Airport tax and fuel surcharge are payable.


  1. Payments:

50% of monthly service fee, travel allowance and annual bonus are paid in US$ by Tempo Aviation to your account which can be anywhere in the world. 50% monthly service fee and overtime payment are paid by the Airline directly in Chinese Yuan,

The Airline is responsible for tax payment in China.


  1. Away from Base:

Away from base single accommodation is provided by the Airline, food and local transport are also provided according to company standards.


  1. 13. Work Permit and Resident Permit:

Documents required for working and living China will be organised by the Airline and Tempo Aviation.


  1. Career Development:

The Airline provides capable and well performed captains the opportunity to become TRI.

Line training captain receive US$500/month fee

Simulator instructor receive US$1000/month fee


15. Notice Period: 60 days

Initial Required Documents


Please send us the following documents:

1. Application Form

2. Valid ATPL

3. Valid ICAO English Certificate (Level 4 or above)

4. Valid Medical Certificate Class 1

5. Handwritten Logbook, Last 3 pages

6. Passport photo page



Initial Screening


The Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) requires expatriate pilots to undergo an ATPL written exam, a SIM check and a medical check to obtain Chinese license.

Air Guilin will reimburse international tickets for candidates attending screenings in China. Accommodation, food allowance, domestic travel and expenses of all screening checks are paid by the Airline.

Screening phase 1: ATP exam, Medical check and Airline SIM check, location in Guangzhou, Beijing and Haikou.

Screening phase 2: CAAC SIM check in Haikou.





Forward your completed application form to assacarol15@gmail.com

If you have any questions, please contact +82 2665 7688 Ms. Carol.

■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.