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JuneYao Airlines is a major carrier based in Shanghai, China. It started its formal operation since September 2006. Departing from two airports in Shanghai (Hongqiao and Pudong international airport), now it carries more than 8 million customers per year. Currently, it operates over 60 brand-new Airbus 320 and 321 with an average aircraft age of 3 years old and it is scheduled to take delivery of 3 Boeing 787-9 in 2018 and 5 aircraft in the near future. Moreover, the airline has become the first member of Star Alliance Connecting Partner.

Juneyao Airlines now has over 80 domestic and international routes connecting 70 airports including Beijing, Taiyuan, Kunming, Chengdu, Jeju, Yangyang (S.Korea), Phuket, Bangkok (Thailand).




 Minimum Qualifications


– Non-type rated Captains acceptable (Boeing & Airbus only)

– Total Flight time: Minimum 3,000 hours

– Total PIC time: 600 hours

– Age: between 30 to 53 (inclusive)

– Having flown within 12 calendar months

– Valid ATPL License

– Valid Medical certificate Class 1

– Valid ICAO English certificate level 4 or above

– Flight Time Certificate

– Valid proficiency training and proficiency check

– No history of incidents or accidents

– No criminal records

– Be a citizen of a country with diplomatic relations with PRC and being ICAO member



 Terms & Conditions


1. Base: Shanghai, China

2. Contract Terms

3 years for A320 series captains
4 years for other non-type rated captains



 Working Condition

1) Service Fee after PIC assignment for A320 CAPT Position


Residential Contract

Commuting Contract

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4
6 weeks on
3 weeks off
Option 5
4 weeks on
4 weeks off
6 weeks on
2 weeks off
3 weeks on
1 week off
* Expected
Annual Salary
USD 310,950USD 298,450

USD 250,600

USD 223,320USD 185,840
Monthly Salary
USD 18,000USD 20,000

USD 16,800

USD 15,600USD 13,500
Monthly Salary
USD 19,000USD 21,000

USD 17,600

USD 16,200USD 14,000
Block Hours
75 hrs / month85 hrs / month

75 hrs / month
(on average for 2 months)

60 hrs / month
(on average for 2 months)
50 hrs / month
(on average for 2 months)
Overtime Fee
(Accumulated/yearly paid)
USD 365 / hour
(annual block hr >750 hours)
USD 365 / hour
(annual block hr >850 hours)
USD 240/ hour
(annual block hr>750 hours)
USD 230/ hour
(annual block hr >650 hours)
USD 220/ hour
(annual block hr >550 hours)
Annual Leave

50 days


Safety Bonus

USD 8 * Flight Hours

Over night
Out-Base Allowance
(Accumulated/yearly paid)

According to the company policy

Special Airport
(Accumulated/yearly paid)

According to the company policy

Sudden Flight
(Accumulated/yearly paid)

According to the company policy

(Semi-Annually Paid)

USD 18,000 / year

USD 9,000 / year
(choose 2 out of 5 options)

1. Convalescent Leave
2. Supplementary Commercial Medical Insurance
3. Loss of Medical Certificate Disability Insurance
4. Language and Culture Study Allowance
5. Supplement House Rental Allowance

Accommodation Allowance

RMB 15,000
(Reimbursement will be done only once for the initial joiners. Invoice is required.)

Tickets per year

2 International ID 50 tickets
2 Domestic ID 75 tickets
(2 more tickets for each type per calendar year/within Juneyao network/Economy class only)

Contract Completion Bonus

USD 18,000

USD 9,000

* Expected Annual Salary: Basic Monthly Salary + Overtime Fee + Overnight Out-Base Allowance + Special Airport Allowance + Home-Leave Expense + Completion Bonus + Safety Bonus

* Relocation Expense for CAAC ATPL Holders can be reimbursed maximum 20,000 USD.


2) Service Fee after Contract Renewal



3) Service Fee during training phase




4) Insurance


 Initial Required Documents


Please send us the following documents:

1. Application Form

2. Valid ATPL

3. Valid ICAO English Certificate (Level 4 or above)

4. Valid Medical Certificate Class 1

5. Handwritten Logbook, Last 3 pages

6. Passport photo page



 Initial Screening


Candidate should go through the following process before employment:

1. Aviation Theory Exam (Chinese ATPL)

The study materials will be provided after you submit all the required documents to us.

2. Medical Check

3. Company Simulator Assessment

4. Interview





Forward your completed application form to assaeugene18@gmail.com

If you have any questions, please contact +82 70 7568 7688 Ms.eugene.

■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.